Mobile eCommerce App 
For a Fashion Marketplace
Online marketplace for luxury clothing and accessories. Items from premium brands and talented new designers. AIZEL offers over 700 world-known brands.
All available with just a few taps online and now in mobile app.
AIZEL approached us with an ambitious goal - the online retailer wanted to craft an ideal mobile solution for a high-end eCommerce project. We were chosen to design and develop a mobile application that would become a gold standard for luxury online shopping. Our key priorities were to give the clients the pure joy of chic shopping, such as immersive experience, sleek design, intuitive designer selection and swift path to purchase with exclusive access to the AIZEL private sales, and much more.
Design and craft a stylish mobile app, deploying eCommerce best practices and cutting-edge tech.
Personalise content and user experience on a data-driven basis.
Ensure a seamless and convenient process of high-end shopping
Launch a brand new mobile sales channel for AIZEL.


HOUSE OF APPS dived deep into the market research and AIZEL's business processes as well as existing customer behaviour patterns. Based on the intel we designed a CJM, thought-through user journeys and an optimal path to purchase.
The interface received a minimalistic design that later would become an industry standard for the fashion mobile app.

In the mobile app development for marketplace we incorporated the best practices for mCommerce. Among the key features implemented were the dynamic feed with the algorithm for ranging the content, Fuzzy Typeahead Search, advanced filtering, personalised product recommendations, favourites, and many more.

The resulting product is a perfect match for an online fashion marketplace and was featured on the App Store as the shopping app of the week.
During the UX development our mCommerce team rigorously designed and tested the ideal path to purchase in the shopping app for AIZEL.

Considering the nature of AIZEL's products we succeeded in building the mobile user experience that would help customers move swiftly through the checkout steps and complete the transaction in just a few taps.
Optimal path to purchase
For those who think fast and shop fast, we enabled a single-click purchase with Apple Pay.
Shopping with a single click
Spontaneous purchases
User engagement via personalised content
We created an immersive Instagram effect to engage potential buyers - with eye-catching fashion photos and personalised content algorithms that grab and keep mobile shoppers’ attention within the AIZEL's app.
To inspire and engage fashionistas around the world we created a dynamic feed with a personalisation algorithm based on user data including shopping patterns and behaviour within the mCommerce app.

New arrivals, promotions, banners, sets of looks, and recommended items - all shown in a unique way to every user. What users see is determined by the purchase history, views and what they added to favourites, price segments etc.
Dynamic Feed
Content algorithms
We prioritised advanced filters as one of the key user scenarios for AIZEL.

Customer behaviour for high-end goods slightly differs in how filters are being used. We factored these insights into the logic of the advanced filters within the app.
Advanced Filters
Personalised recommendations
HOUSE OF APPS helped AIZEL strategise, design, develop and launch the mobile sales channel that brought the shopping for the retailers demanding audience to the new height.

Based on the many years of experience I can confidently say that one of the secrets of the successful mobile app that generates exceptional results for the business is the tight-knit collaborative team work.
Elena Delas
mCommerce Director at HOUSE OF APPS
Pure minimalism
Smooth black-and-white design and sleek color scheme was used to create this design concept for the fashion retailer. The user’s focus was directed towards stimulating and engaging images.
Our airy and clean design creates well-balanced visual zones. The app invites the user to immerse into and keep exploring the world of high fashion.
Indulgent shopping
The meticulous UX design is reflected in every detail that makes up the stunning fashion retailer's mobile app. This includes the information architecture, gestures and micro-animations, thumb optimisation that enables fashionistas to use the app comfortably in various contexts, etc.
Customer Experience
Targeted communication with a mobile audience plays the key role in mCommerce when it comes to managing mobile sales.

Our proprietary H-ONE analytics and automation technology helps online retailers generate customised offers, personalised promotions, relevant selections and recommendations within the mobile app.
Vitaliy Litvinenko
The HOUSE OF APPS team built one of the best mobile shopping apps for AIZEL.
When the client were ready, we transitioned the mobile app with all care and diligence to the AIZEL in-house team to continue growing their fully fledged mobile sales channel.
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