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We built an official mobile application for the Pyaterochka supermarket chain from scratch.

The HOUSE OF APPS team also contributed to creating a loyalty program for mobile users.

Finally, we launched automated and location-based marketing campaigns for the tens of thousands of offline physical stores.
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HOUSE OF APPS + X5 Retail Group
Pyaterochka team approached HOUSE OF APPS with a strategic mission of developing and bringing to market their first official mobile app.
Having significant experience in eCommerce we designed and built the mobile app for the nationwide Pyaterochka chain which laid the foundation for the retailers' mobile-first approach in the following years.
We also engineered the server side and control panels from scratch.
The result was a much-awaited mobile experience for millions of Pyaterochka's clients that brought retailer closer to their audience.
Building a mobile presence is an important step for any business, let alone a retailer. For X5 Group, entering the mobile space was a strategic priority because of their enormous customer base.

The teams shared a sense of urgency and importance of the project and the role it would play for the customers.
We worked closely on each step of the way - while leading with the expertise in mobile experience and product development, the client team have been brilliant in providing the nuanced insights that later were incorporated in a great mobile app that would be used by millions.
Vitaliy Litvinenko
Project team
A team of 25 IT experts was assigned to develop Pyaterochka mobile app. Seasoned project and product managers, UI/UX experts, designers, several Android and iOS developers, QA specialists, and support specialists contributed to this mobile shopping app.
Develop fast and flawless mobile app with the compliance to the strict security requirements.
Build and integrated the server side with the infrastructure of X5 Group.
Create a scalable architecture for the IT project.
Design a mobile experience from scratch.
First stage

How we built the mobile app for the supermarket chain

#UX/UI Design
#Control Dashbord
Two of the key goals for HOUSE OF APPS UX/UI team were to make the complex app functionalities simple and convenient-to-use in everyday life. And ensure total reliability for data load and future scalability of the app as more and more of the offline customers would download the app for shopping and the loyalty program.
Functionality and data load
User Experience
We developed the entire architecture of the Pyaterochka mobile app from scratch - starting with the laying out of user experience on a mindmap.

The app logic was built on client-focused scenarios and user stories that incorporated the omnichannel approach.
App screens
We created over 100 screens for the supermarket chain's mobile app.
With no previous behaviour data to lean on we relied heavily on the insights provided by the client team, our own experience and the industry best-practices.
The first release was rolled out in under 10 months after the start of our partnership with the X5 Retail Group.

As per the client's request, the app was launched first on Google Play. And in the following weeks - on the App Store.
First release
October 20, 2016
Second stage

Mobile app growth and promotion

#SLA Support
#Loyalty Program
When designing the customer experience for the supermarket chain we laid out the contexts that customers would be in when interacting with the mobile app. For example, the most obvious was - on the way to the store to check for promotions or at the cashier. We developed detailed user scenarios that would make the app truly valuable for the end consumer, who relied on it in such sensitive moments.

Consequently, after the launch our team provided a technical support for the mobile app. The user behaviour data as well as the feedback were systemised and channeled to the optimisation backlog.
Elena Delas
mCommerce директор HOUSE OF APPS
We added an intuitive-to-use and location-based service to display the nearest convenience stores. 

They are shown on the map.

For user convenience, we also added the search function to the grocery list section.
Nearest store
If the user moves to another region, the app automatically prompts them to update the list of relevant discounts. All lists were based on the locally available stocks.
Region specific
Relevant discounts
Third stage

Mobile app conversion optimisation

#H-ONE Platform
H-ONE platform amplified promo campaigns
Conversion campaigns based on real-time data
Relevant promotions
Automated push-notifications about relevant discounts are one of the most powerful tools to manage sales. And not just for the retailer, the customised messages are better placed to provide valuable information to the end customer.
Campaigns informing users about discounts offered by nearby stores increase the likelihood of visiting the store. More than that, customers purchase discounted as well as full-price items.
Nearby stores
Offline retail vertical has reached the point where it now relies heavily on conversion optimisation on a granular level at scale.

H-ONE enables personalisation of promotions, discounts, suggested products - all based on single customer's data. This level of closeness to loyal audience is achievable only in a mobile app.
Vitaliy Litvinenko
The HOUSE OF APPS team developed the game-changing mobile app for iOS and Android for Pyaterochka mobile app for iOS and Android, from scratch.

And in just a few weeks after the release the mobile app reached the top in the App Store within the grocery retail vertical. In addition, we ran customised push-notifications campaigns targeted at Pyaterochka’s millions of clients.

Currently the entire mobile wing continues in-house as a strategic focus for the X5 Retail Group.
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