Heinz Baby
Official app of the Heinz Baby food brand
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Heinz Baby
Heinz Baby is an invaluable assistant for thousands of young parents for weaning babies. The app features a personalised service line, a chat with a baby nutrition expert, and an online store.

Heinz Baby

Our client is a well known manufacturer of baby food. All their foods are made of organic compounds, with care for the little and precious ones. Heinz Baby is a team of globally acknowledged baby nutrition experts.
The HOUSE OF APPS team envisioned a day-to-day virtual assistant for young parents to help them during the early weaning period.

It is a unique mobile app offering customised plans to introduce weaning foods and a helpful chat with infant nutrition experts.
Project idea
Establish a communication channel with the loyal parent audiences.
Boost the image of Heinz Baby as a thought-leader and an expert in the field of infant nutrition.
Assist young parents as well as build and maintain lasting relationships.
Design a mobile experience and develop a mobile app from scratch.
Owing to the user-friendly interface and stylish design, we aimed for a WOW effect on users.

The Heinz Baby mobile app is currently being used by over 100K mothers.
Also in 2016 when it was first launched, the app won an industry award for the best branded mobile app. Since then the app received a major redesign based on user insights - we aimed to integrate seamlessly into young parents' everyday lives by creating an outstanding mobile-first customer experience for Heinz Baby audience.

Our team established an effective communication channel for Heinz. Leveraging our proprietary automation technology, H-ONE, enabled the brand to segment mobile audiences and fine-tune personalised messaging based on behavior data, age, and preferences of their babies.
Our role in the project
We created a simple-to-use logic for an otherwise complex feeding program developed by paediatricians and nutritionists. In the mobile app UX we focused on diverse user stories of parents generating and following their babies' unique feeding plans.

Meticulous user path testing resulted in a well thought-through UX for a mobile tool that lend itself indispensable for hundreds of thousands parents' feeding routines.
This in turn lead to forming a habit for daily usage.
UX design for Heinz Baby
The app generates personalised weaning plans based on parents' input of the baby’s age, food tolerance and preferences, and weaning timing.

All weaning plans can be modified, fast-forwarded, and rewound, so that any mother can adjust them to herself and her baby.
Weaning plans
With focus groups, we found that it was essential for mothers to ask questions to infant nutrition experts.
The main idea behind the Heinz Baby mobile app is to support young parents during the initial weaning period.

For this reason, a FAQ section and a live chat with experts were built in as the key features of the app. They allow mothers to get an answer to any question concerning their baby's nutrition.
Chat with an expert
Infant nutrition specialists
H-ONE is our proprietary technology for mCommerce that provides deep analytics, automation of audience segmentation and conversion optimisation.

With the help of H-ONE Heinz Baby started building stronger relationships with the brand's most loyal audience.

This was done by means of sending customised messaging to parents to help them progress with the weaning program for their babies as well as provide infant nutritionist recommendations specific to their child's age.
The H-ONE platform enabled our client to reach specific groups of parents with the customised push-messages about their babies' feeding stages, Heinz Baby products recommended for children of their babies' age, etc.

Leveraging the automated campaigns Heinz Baby didn't only achieve a high level of engagement with the mobile users, but also increased the daily usage of the app that was key to the habit forming behaviour.

Also H-ONE provides a deep insight and granularity to conversion management within the app - the brand's mobile sales channel.
Vitaliy Litvinenko
In a close collaboration with ADV Group, we built a unique engaging mobile app for the brand that enabled an engaging mobile experience for the parents. The app quickly became the main platform for Heinz Baby to communicate with their loyal audience. It also strengthened their brand image as a thought leader and a baby nutrition expert.

As of now, over 200K moms and dads are using the Heinz Baby mobile app on a regular basis.
Ongoing collaboration with the agency team
Key figures
More than 4 yrs
"Best Promo App Tagline" 2016
Great reviews on Apple and Google app stores
4,5+ star rating
HOUSE OF APPS team have been our reliable and long-term business partner in building outstanding mobile apps.

Over the 5 years of working together HOUSE OF APPS have demonstrated deep expertise and experience - from research to designing a strong UX and UI and developing fast and smooth mobile apps that make a difference.

I look forward to working together again on exciting projects with the team that over the years feel like friends.
Nikolay Doroshin
Head of Development and Design at UM
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